Duo suddenly stopped working.. now I can't get my data

Basically I bought a WD Live Duo 6TB 3 days ago - set it to Raid 1 and moved all my data onto it. Yesterday I finished migrating everything and deleted all my other data. Today the drive suddenly stopped responding and when I restarted it, it would not allow me to access it.

At first it would get stuck on YELLOW light mode for a long long time. Now its becoming green but it’s blinking. Occasionally I would see 43% used space on the WD Quick View software but I can never open the menu via the web browser, nor can I access the shared drives even the public one.

My vendor lent me 2 other WD Duo drives so I can swap around the disks to see if I can make it work on another WD duo - but no luck.

My WD Duo is 6 TB and shipped with 2 GREEN discs which is odd because the other one I opened had RED discs (NAS type) drives in it.

I’m still confident my data is in there somewhere - at least between those 2 drives. I just don’t know how to recover them. All my data for the last 10 years, including my wedding photos and videos are in there. All our personal pictures etc… help! :frowning: I have no other copy now.

P.S. If someone can also point me in a simple direction where I can plug my current raid 1 drives somewhere (maybe in a different Raid 1 NAS system that could read it)? I’m not sure what OS WD uses but maybe another OS can read my drives? I just want my data back…

Ok so ive run Ubunty and tried to mount the drives. I found out that drive A is dead - SMART status none, cant even test it for read speed. It’s spinning though. Makes the whole computer slow down booting and shutting down. I just bought this drive a few days ago so that is very disappointing…

Drive B still works, I can see the partitions, and i can test it - SMART says its ok. However the filesystem isn’t there. I don’t know what I should run on it to get the data out.