Link Aggregation

Is link aggregation possible with a future software upgrade or is there a hardware limitation. If its possible, does anyone know if WD is working on it?

Link Aggregation is not natively supported in Windows Server 2008, not sure if WD can add support to it.

It is actually not allowed per the oem’s eula

I skimmed through the eula.  I didn’t see any mention of link aggregation.  I might have missed it. if it is there, I wonder if Apple wrote the eula. Sounds like somthing they would do.

Anyway,  I read a review on Amazon that mentioned the option to enable link agregation is available on the DX4000 and can be accessed through Remote Desktop Connection.  I haven’t personally confirmed this, but if that info is accurate, I certainly won’t hesitate to flip that switch (so to speak) if I decide I need the extra speed.  If the option is available without any sort of “hack” I can’t see how WD could tell me not to do it. 

That is from The OEM Terms and conditions  Also the MS EULA states you may not enable any server roles that are not already enabled

I thought it DOES have link agregation, but in hardware, not software. The OS only sees one NIC - the “TEAM: WDTeam” adaptor however in hardware devices there are the two physical and one virtual one:


… but I could be wrong; maybe it just does failover (in hardware).