Keep getting old notifications

I’ve now got my EX4100 set up thanks to the help on this forum.
I had 3 x WD Red 3TB drives and a 3TB Seagate NAS drive set up in RAID 5
I’ve now removed the Seagate drive and replaced it with another 3TB WD Red. After that, the RAID rebuilt itself. :smiley:

Now, every time I boot my PC, I get notifications that new drives have been installed, the RAID is rebuilding, etc
This only takes a few minutes to settle but it really gets on my nerves.

Is there any way to stop these old notifications as I can’t find a setting for it?


try to see if you go to the dashboard on the top right you see an option to clear all notifications, after doing this check if the notifications stop. Also i would like to know where you are getting this notifications, email, app, etc?