Just got replacement Quickview missing

Got my replacement today. I’ve hooked it up and ran the Setup CD and following the prompts mapped the drive and installed Quick View but not SmartWare. I don’t need backup and I’ve heard it was no good. And my experience of it last time was upsetting as it wouldn’t start, uninstall, or install. So everything seemed OK so I shut the computer down and went out for a coffee. When I started the computer up again QuickView was missing. The icon is there but no access to anything but “about”. I clicked on QuickView in ALL PROGRAMS in Windows XP SP3 Net…3.5 but nothing changes. I can get to the drive through Mozilla at I enabled SSH as suggested. I also installed the drive on my laptop and QuickView is present when the Setup CD is being used but when I reboot it’s gone with no  menu.

Is this normal and if not can I fix it?

Do I need Smartware for it to work?

Can I turn Twonky off as I have no DLNA enabled equipment?

Can I turn ITunes off as I have no I things?  I’m getting an IPhone and the Grandbrats have I everything.

Twonky and iTunes servers are optional, if you have no plans to use them you can turned them off.  

Regarding your issue with Quickview, this is not normal, you may try updating the MBL to its latest firmware, then uninstall/reinstall Quickview from the CD.

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I’ve enabled SSH and shut down Twonky. Then I applied the Firmware update via the web browser dashboard manually and the Quickview menus came back. It worked perfect on the desktop and the laptop.  Good advice! Thanks   Jim