Jumbo Frames

playing with my router and found out that I can use jumbo frames up to 9000. is there adventage to set it up on my ex2 all the way to 9000. or should i set it up to something else? 

Any help would be great.

I would recommend testing different parameters in order to ensure the configuration will not exceed the specifications supported by the NIC of your system.


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Just an update on Jumbo Frames. I’m very impress with EX2 and jumbo settings. I hava a cisco RV180 router that supports jumbo frames. I have Unifi Pro for my wireless AP. I have enable settings on the router and then on the EX2 to  5000 for size of the frames, it was defently improve perormance. So I read some more and found out that router can accept up to 9000 frames. So I did enable 9000 on the EX2. To my supprise I have seen awsome performane while coping files. I have copy about  50GB video file last night over  my wifi in about 18min to 20min. previouslu was about and hour with standard 1500 settings. 

I will try ethernet direct wire connection today and see how that would go. Hope this will help some people.