Joining of WDShareSpace in Windows Server 2003 AD /Error Message


We are having 8TB Sharespace, we are having trouble connecting it into our Windows Server 2003. Domain environment. Everytime we provide Domain Name, Domain Netbios Name - empty, Domain IP, Domain Network Admin User Name & Password we get error message:

Failed to join domain! [NET_ERROR: No logon servers available to service the logon request]

No problem to join new Windows Boxes in this old 2003 Domain, but not possible to join WDShareSpace. Last Firmware Update in WDShareSpace cannot help. I can log in in  WDShareSpace terminal window via SSH and send ping from WDShareSpace my Domain Controller and nslookup works fine, but cannot join into domain.  Tried with Domain.Name.local, with admin useruser@DOMAIN.NAME  .   Admin user is the same on WDShareSpace and on Domain Contrller (System Admin).  DC is  reachable with ping and nslookup from  WDShareSpace but not possible to join ito AD. Please help. 

Resolved. NetBiosNAME was missing. Must be set in Joit into Domain mask.