Itunes to WD My Cloud 3TB to Bose Soundtouch 20


I wonder if anybody could help me I am having great difficulty, I was very kindly bought a Bose Soundtouch 20 speaker system but having to load my PC to play lost it is charm so decided to buy a my cloud so I can stream the songs directly.
WD My cloud was recommended on the Bose website as one to use.

I have the music folder into the WD shared music folder and when using the soundtouch app I have the options to select shared music, shared picutres and shared videos, I select the shared music and only have the options of all tracks. I can’t choose or search on albums, or artists which makes it very user unfriendly and not really usable as all.

I have since tried to create my own iTunes folder and not using the default shared music folder and making that public and copied the whole iTunes folder but this doesn’t come up as an option on the soundtouch app to select, just the default shared folders that come with the WD MyCloud.

Any help on how to configure would be great as at the moment I have spent quite a lot of time and money trying to configure it but to no avail.

Thank you in advance



I believe you should email WD support for assistance.

You might find some help in this thread on setting u the media server, even though that’s for gen1/v4 devices:


Thank you both for your advice, I raised a support request last night but wen through the Twonky set up and changed some setting using that and now it works. Thank you both for your help it is much appreciated.

Hi Richard. Which settings did you change?

My guess would be:

  • share locations
  • advanced media navigation
  • receiver type

Hi Peter,

I went into twonky / sharing / media receivers and then on the bose it was set up as a window media receiver I changed it to a generic media receiver and then under navigation type set it as advanced media navigation and can now play by artist, album etc I’m not sure if there is a better setting to use I may try the other settings in the future to see how they change but at the moment it is the best one I have come across

The WDMC menus allowed me to select iTunes media serving without also enabling DLNA media serving. This, however, doesn’t seem to work. If I am correct in this conclusion, the menu system should be changed to grey out the iTunes option unless DLNA is first selected.

Does anyone have any more information about this?

iTunes server and DLNA server are entirely different functions. The iTunes server is for iTunes, and the DLNA server is for DLNA clients…

The user manual discusses these functions.

Thanks cpt. I got myself confused when my Bose SoundTouch 10 (great little speakers!) couldn’t see the iTunes library. When I checked the ST 10 docs, I found that the iTunes library had to be on the computer, not the network drive. I haven’t yet tried accessing the WD from iTunes itself.