iTunes Server Remote Access?

Hi all, forgive me if I’ve completely missed a discussion on this, but I was wondering if the iTunes Server is supposed to be available remotely as well as within network. (The topics I’ve read from WD say that they don’t recommend accessing it remotely, though don’t explicitly say you can’t, leading me to believe that it is indeed possible if I need it to be)

My goal is to have my entire music library on the My Cloud and a smaller portable library on my laptop. 

Ideally, when working remotely, I’d be able to mount the My Cloud shares, open iTunes and have access to both my small local library, as well as the iTunes Server on the My Cloud. My intention isn’t to constantly stream from the server, but to rather have access to a couple files here and there if needed. 

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions!

I made a couple of post in another discussion, you may want to look at those and see if they help. Use the following link to get to that discussion.


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cat0w your post only explains how to share music within the home network, the original question is targeted toward accessing a itunes library remotlely, as far as I can tell this isnt possible… would be great if it was!

I am not sure how you are trying to get to your iTunes library but I have been listening to music on my cell phone. While I don’t have iTunes on my cell phone they do play through a MP3 player. I use the My Cloud app on my phone to get to the music. I have to open it up through the iTunes Media. I haven’t been anywhere with my laptop to try it out. See My Cloud app image below. This was taken on my laptop computer and when I click on the library it opens up in iTunes. I take it the same would happen if I were away from home but using a wi-fi connection.

anarchofiddle wrote:

Hi all, forgive me if I’ve completely missed a discussion on this, but I was wondering if the iTunes Server is supposed to be available remotely as well as within network. 

No.  The iTunes server only works within your local network.

This morning while accessing my iTunes music two different ways I had two different results.


At Wal-Mart while accessing the music on my cell phone 3G connection I, as always, was able to get to and play music using ITunes Media by opening it up from the WD My Cloud app. This way works very fast.


I finally carried my laptop computer with me to our local Barnes and Noble where I connected to the internet over their AT&T wi-fi, for security reasons by Public Network connection. Once connected I used the My Cloud app to gain access to my My Cloud. I was able to connect and see all my shares. After trying to get to my itunes music the same route I take on my cell phone it turned out this was super slow and I finally gave up trying to get to my iTunes music. It was like the computer was having to or at least trying to download everything I have on My Cloud. I will give it another try on another day to see how things work. I just hope this is not the results every time I am away from home and want to use a public wi-fi connection.


Think I figured out the problem and this is what I will try next time. I will sign in through my browser to get to my shares and then open them up in Explorer.

For more information see the UM P.70 read the top paragraph then skip down to Returning Users if your My Cloud has already been set up and account created.

Accessing media (mp3s or movie files) via the My Cloud application on my iphone on a 4g / 3g network works fine, but trying to access media on a remote computer either via mounting a drive or using the my cloud program results in very slow and painful streaming of audio or video, while i can copy the entire file locally and play it this isn’t the desired result, I would really like to steam the media remotely from the WD My Cloud NAS to a remote computer.

It is weird that the mobile app has no problems doing this, probably something to do with the native media player of the mobile phone (iphone 4)

@ cat0w: I think the OP was wanting to access the Itunes Server remotely via Itunes on his iPhone. What you said was just accessing the Itunes library (folder) remotely. Sorry if I’m incorrect.

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I can’t access remotely on my mac. Is there a way to doing it?