iTunes Server

I’ve been using my MBL as a personal storage server for the past year or so and I love it’s functionality

HOWEVER, this past week, I have been working on copying all of my movies, home videos, music and such to the PUBLIC portion in an effort to make all of my content availabel to my entire house (as every device is connected to my network in some way)

BUT, I would love to be able to access the iTunes Server portion from places other than only my internal network

For instance, I would love to be able to access my iTunes Server from work

How can I make this possible?

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

The iTunes server feature only works for local networks, but you can access your music remotely with he MyCloud desktop app or through, but this wont use the iTunes server feature you should be able to load the files but on your normal media player that you computer has installed.