iTunes doesn't see Music on MBL....Heellllpppp

Hi there,

I will start my question by first apologizing for my ignornance :flushed: and second by profusely thanking anyone patient enough to help me out. :smiley:

I just recently upgraded the firmware on MBL to version MyBookLive 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W.  I also configured the itunes server as directed in Answer ID 2724.  I’m running iTunes on a Windows 8.1 pc.

I noticed that I now have a MyBookLive drive under my available networks:


When I double click on MyBookLive, I see a Music folder and inside the Music folder, I see subfolders that look similar to how itunes would arrange music.  These folders are empty but I think this is the folder the iTunes is connecting to. I have tried but cannot copy any music to this drive.


But, as per instructions in Answer ID 2724, I have all my music stored on the Public Share in the Shared Music folder in a Music subfolder:

When I click on MyBookLive in iTunes, no music comes up at all.  When I click on My Computer, I see my music from the Apple Cloud.  In iTunes Preferences, I am pointing to the Public Share/Shared Music folder:


I’ve read the manual and all the posts that I can find.  A lot of the information is more technical than my understanding.  I’m hoping I’m missing a simple piece.  Can someone help me see my music on MBL through iTunes?  Thanks very much.


you are posting in the wrong forum, this is for the personal mycloud

Oh God!!!  thanks for letting me know :flushed: