ITUNES doesnt see my Book Live

I can see all the folders in explorer but ITUNES doesnt see my Book Live, any help would be appreciated.

Did you turn on the iTunes service on the MBL?

yes, all files accessible via twonky

Twonky is different.  Did you enable the *ITUNES* service?

I have the same issue where iTunes does not see my iTunes server on my new Win7 64 bit laptop.  My Mac computers see the server, but the Win7 64 bit does not.  A bit of a twist, when I first connected my Win7 computer to the network it did see the iTunes server,  I could expand the server and see the songs on the MBL server in iTunes.  The iTunes server appeared as a connected device in iTunes.  

A couple weeks ago  I had a memory stick go bad, replaced it, got the laptop rebuilt back to factory standard and began the process of reloading all of my 3rd party applications, including iTunes 64 bit and as I mentioned above I no longer can see the iTunes server in iTunes.

I can open MBL and rumage around the folders etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update on my situation.  I just checked iTunes on my Mac mini and it does not see the iTunes server device.  I can go through the network to the music folder and play a song, but not through iTunes.

Update.  Today I purchased a new Blu Ray player that has internet connectivity and can read/see MBL folders on my network.  I noticed it could see files on my laptop, so I  went to my laptop to see what I could see. I opened the Network (click Network desktop icon) and I saw the bluray disk player and I noticed a media device that had the same name as the MBL.  When I double clicked the device WIN7 installed a driver of some sort and Media Player launched.  When I opened iTunes I now can see all of my music under a network shared device with my network name for the MBL.  I checked my iMac and same thing there, I can see the music on MBL.  The only thing that I changed on my laptop was installing some driver when I double clicked the device in the Network window.  The Mac stayed the same.  Go figure.