Can't get music on MBL to show up in iTunes with iTunes service turned on

I just bought a My Book Live recently and the setup was very straight forward and I’m able to access the drive from all computers in my house. During setup I did not enable the iTunes server. After updating the firmware to 02.11.09-053 I decided to turn on the iTunes server and see what it could do for me. I copied some music files into the Shared Music folder, clicked on the Rescan button and then started iTunes on my MacBook Pro (running Lion). The drive shows up in the left panel under Shared, but none of the music I copied over shows up. I started iTunes on the two Windows 7 systems in the house and I get the same results. 

I searched the FAQs and found Answer ID 8412, but it states that the firmware level I’m on takes care of issues with iTunes. Clearly, I’m having some sort of problem. 

The release of iTunes on all my computers is 10.6.1. 

Am I missing something, or is this a known problem? 

Check this thread

The info in that thread would be helpful if I was trying to integrate music files on the MBL with an existing iTunes library. But, I’m trying to use the iTunes service as provided on the MBL to share music (and perhaps one single instance of an iTunes library) across all computers on the network.

Exactly the same issue for me too. Files are not being displayed under MyBookLive Shared tab.