Itune artwork problems

Hello all that can help,

I recently purchased My Cloud because of an impending computer failure and transferred my music albums to the shared music folder by copying them. I did not export from iTunes as the computer was failing. I have now upgraded my computer equipment and am running Win 10 with the latest ITunes reloaded. ITunes has been directed to the My Cloud shared music folder. When Itunes opens no album artwork shows up. When I select an album to play however the artwork does appear in the small thumbnail in the header on iTunes so I know it’s there. A seemingly simple question - how do I get the album art to populate the main screen in ITunes?

You copied just the music files, but it appears you left the library files and artwork files behind in other folders. You could be stuck.

Since you have Windows 10 now have you tried a right click on the album and tried to get the artwork. See image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it. As you can see I haven’t tried this because all the artwork is showing in Groove Music and Windows Media Player for my albums. Only a few albums show it in iTunes.

Edited: I tried this and was able to get some of the artwork after signing in to my account.


As I mentioned before, you have the music files, but you need the rest of the files like Album Artwork folder, library folder and the Music folder called iTunes Media (which you may have copied to your My Cloud).

This is where all this stuff is stored for the iTunes DATA, (not program) on my Win 7 PC. C:\Users\Mike\Music\iTunes

So, in the path above, replace my user name with yours in the string and if you can get into your old PC, you can find it and copy to your new PC. (My iTunes Media folder is not in there on my PC, because I directed iTunes program to store that folder with all the music files inside it on another drive)

Anyway, your problem is not with the My Cloud, it is with how you incompletely (and incorrectly) transferred your iTunes DATA from one PC to another. You really need to be looking at the Apple support site for iTunes to get this issue figured out, although I have given you a big hint just with this info. If you cannot get at the data folder on your old PC, it is why I earlier said you are stuck, because the data may now be inaccessible to you…

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for your time and reply. I did find a hard backup of my old computer in zip folders. Currently searching for Itune folders but is there anyway you could tell me the exact file names of the ones I need?

You need: All the files in the folder I told you about: C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes; names like iTunes Media (folder) and Album Artwork (folder) You have the new iTunes folder in the Users section of your new PC, and you need to replace the files there with the ones in the same folder of your old backup; INCLUDING the iTunes Media folder. Replace them while iTunes is off, then start iTunes and all should be well again.
For more info on this go to iTunes section of Apple Support help, or check another source like the iLounge, or google something like “restore iTunes”. A friend recently lost his complete iTunes program when disk crashed, and he restored his entire iTunes from his iPod and a program he bought online.