Issue trying to update my WD TV

Yesterday I just upgraded my WDTV with new release firmware version 1.06.15_v. After doing this, my TV screen displayed :“Updating firmware: Your HD Media Player is being upgraded. Please DO NOT disconnect power or the attached storage”. This message didn’t change anything after 5, 6 hours later. And now what? I can’t use it to see movie any more. Anybody has the same problem like me?

I’ve had similar issues with certain brands of USB thumb drive.

About all you can do, that I know of, is put the update files on a different USB device and try flashing again.

When I aborted my “stuck” upgrade, the WD booted with a screen saying the firmware was damaged and I needed to provide a “repair” firmware.  Putting firmware files on a different USB device was seen as a “repair”, and the WDTV fixed itself.

Thanks a lot.  It worked successfully.   Thanks again.