Is Western Digital Support Slow?

I raised a support incited for the WDC-21008 (security breach) and data recovery last Saturday 17th July. I’ve had no response despite escalating on Monday 17th. Given this is a time bounded offer, I think this is a poor response time but I’m not sure if it is normal. Note, I appreciate they may have a lot of requests and be overwhelmed but I’ve had zero acknowledgement.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

@bowkett What’s your case number?

Sorry for the delay : 210717-002268

I’ve connected with support through the chat.

My experience is that it’s not slow, it’s non-existent.

I end up doing a chat yesterday and seem to have made some progress.

Very very slow. Two weeks just to reply to the incident. Didn’t really answer my questions just gave me an RMA. They have my drive but still waiting for the discount code. The incident for my second drive I’ve escalated twice and no response.