Support response times?

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This may well be the wrong place to ask, but can anyone advise if WD support commit to any response times or if there is an escalation or complaints procedure?

A bit of history for anyone interested… A problem develops with one of my Red drives under warranty. I try to create an Advance RMA on 3 April but can’t, and a few support case messages and phone call later I learn that Advance RMAs are suspended. So I do a normal RMA and receive a faulty recertified drive back. Another support case raised pointing out that I shouldn’t have to pay for the faulty replacement to be returned and asking not to receive another recertified drive (loss of confidence), and the reply says I’ll get a new replacement. Eventually a pre-paid UPS shipping label arrives, I RMA the faulty replacement and get… another recertified drive back. I opened another support case on 11th May to explain the problem and have had radio silence since.

I also replied to a “How did we do?” email over the initial RMA, and in my comments I asked for an acknowledgement. No reply to that either.

This saga has been going on for over 6 weeks so far and I’m feeling seriously unimpressed and frustrated (does it show?).

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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Sorry to hear about the inconveniences that you went through.

Please see your Pm.

Hello MW I am very sorry to hear the difficulties you have encountered, if your in a European country I can at least provide clarification that the Advanced RMA process wasnt suspended, it may however have to do with the credit card as the Advanced RMA site requires certain details to be electronically communicated in order to authorise the transaction. Perhaps these are missing from the card used, if that was Mastercard you could try using another card such as VISA or AMEX to see if the Advanced RMA transaction completes succesfully. I appreciate this information arrives too late to be of much consequence, but hopefully for the future. The standard RMA procedure isnt and wasnt affected by this. If you still have an issue please reach out to WD support within the email you will have recieved with case number and you will surely recieve the support needed to resolve this.

Many thanks for the reply and clarification over the advance RMAs. I am in the UK, and during the phone call with support it was mentioned that the suspension of advance RMAs was due to a credit card processing issue and temporary, but there was no option offered to me to use a Visa or Amex card. As you say, though, it’s water under the bridge for this RMA :).
I’m a bit confused by your last sentence though; I’ve opened a support case and can see it as ‘open’ with a case number in the support portal, but haven’t had any email that I can reply to yet - it seems you only receive an email when support respond… hopefully this won’t take too much longer.
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Hello Martin, if you like to provide me with the case number I will have a look on Monday at what the issue or hold up is. Have a nice weekend.

Hi, the current open support case number is [Deleted-Privacy].
Should it help, the original support case was [Deleted-Privacy] leading to RMA [Deleted-Privacy]. When the replacement drive was found to be faulty I raised support case [Deleted-Privacy] leading to RMA [Deleted-Privacy].
Many thanks for the offer to take a look.
Hope you enjoy (what’s left of) the weekend too :slight_smile:
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