Is there a way to allow access for anyone on my network without them having a 'user'? and control who can store

The title of the thread is basically what I want to ask.

Is there a way to allow access for anyone on my network without them having a ‘user’? And is there a way to make it that only I can put things on the server but anyone can pick up off the server if its public? I’m assuming I can obviously make things private for myself but I want it to be if my sister or friends come over that they can access the things like holiday photos or movies without having the pain of me signing into an app or them making an account?

I’m unsure if the my cloud or the my cloud home is best for me for this application but I like fact I could be away from home and have all my files.

Can someone help me with this (sorry its 2 parts, I couldn’t find a straight forward answer for my question)

@PhilipBateman Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at all the information provided about both devices?

I have two WD My Clouds, a first and a second generation. I can reach both when away from home and look at my files by using .

Sounds like you would want a My Cloud but it will probably be very hard to find any.

I could just look on amazon or something i think and they’d have them. But What i did notice is the My cloud EX2 line? are these different again? I’m good with my tech but cloud and servers aren’t an area I’ve touched yet so my knowledge is very limited. These I can get on amazon fine by the looks of it.

Also how would I set up raid setups on it (like basic mirroring or just combine storage) and if a drive sadly dies, is it easy enough to just format and put it into the housing in the dead drives place or does a whole thing need to be done to set it up?


@PhilipBateman You are talking about Network Attached Storage now and you need to ask questions in the correct sub-forum.

I saw some in Fry’s yesterday morning when I was looking around.

You can find out more about NAS by looking at them on the WD site.