Is it possible to monitor internet traffic?

Is it possible to monitor bandwidth or ip connected to My Cloud Mirror and thereafter log it?
Im thinking of ftp traffic in first place.

That’s likely a job for your router if it has a traffic monitor feature and it logs activity…
Do not know if My Cloud logs it.

If you log your Router you have the total traffic of the device. I looked for a way to trace it because i’ve running a Raspbeery Pi as an MRTG Server and only the Mirror is a problem. Sadly it doesn’t support SNMP. A Way over UPnP like the AVM FritzBox i can’t find. The bigger devices like EXxxxx support SNMP.

Thanks for the reply. Just what I suspected, but I thought there is some fancy function in the NAS itself also.

Only the liveview on the Dashboard. May be you can activate SNMP over the shell. But i dont know if it will work and i dont try it. I don’t work with the shell at this device because i won’t brick it.