"Network Activity" widget from MyCloud Mirror

Has anyone tried to port the “Network Activity” widget (that provides both network and CPU activity info) that is part of the standard dashboard on the MyCloud Mirror product to the standard MyCloud?    Can I assume that the products are not substantially different from an OS perspective?  I think it would be exceptionally useful…  

Hey WD…are you listening?

Erm you may need to hackout the dashboard? It’s in php so not that hard. I wouldn’t be relying on the dashboard too much as it’s abit sluggish with too much ajax/curl thingy.

Also I don’t think wd would implement this, as part of wdmycloud minimal options. Even apps are restricted in the v4.

But then again, you gave me an idea to play around…

So Nazar…I see you have been very busy but …any luck (any time?) withhthe port…?   I think it would be very helpful to allow improved MyCloud monitoring and a great addiition…can’t imagine why WD left it off this version of the product if already developed for MyCloud Mirror

Sorry I forgot about this. Working on something else. I still need to study the source codes from those other devices as I only have wdmycloud. Or just implement a custom ajax to query the nas system status. If anyone could kick start this it would be great.