How can I see outgoing traffic on MyCloud?


I’ve loaded a bunch of video clips from a figureskating event onto MyCloud and then emailed the links to those involved,

Any ideas on how I can see the outgoing status in mb/s or such?

The following is for Windows Computers. I know it works on Windows 7 and should work on Windows 8. Click on Start and then type resmon into the search box. Open the results. See image below. The image appears better if you click on my user name and then view it.

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works for me win7 not vista

resmon only shows activity on the PC.   It will not show network traffic from internet to My Cloud.

Another image using Resource Monitor.


As ThreeEyedMinion mentioned, these monitor the trafiic on the pc not the router or mycloud. I am not sure if there is a monitor for mycloud.

For the router, it depends on your router brand. Mine is Netgear and it has a function to display traffic meter (under Advanced Setup, Traffic meter). I use it when I suspect high traffic.


Mine is an Actiontec fibreop and it will display many things however both upload and downloaad rates are displayed as n/a