Monitoring access of mycloud


I would like to know if there is a way to monitor access of mycloud or if there is a log of who attemped to connect to mycloud. Because mycloud seems always busy never go idle.

Thank you

Type this in SSH:

netstat -tuw

OK thank you, I’ll try when I will be at home.

So there is no gui interface to see who is connected and logs of connection ?

IPTables not supported by default, so - no.

Only default software logs (Samba, ftp, Apache2, miniupnp etc) - all need enable manual in configs.

See in /var/logs


netstat -tuw

I can see who is connected in real time on mycloud.

But I didn’t find logs of connections in /var/logs can you help me pls ?


Before suspecting people accessing your MyCloud, why not disconnect your router from the Internet, and see if the drive goes quiet…?

My suggestion would be to look at The Twonky settings, in particular the rescan interval.