Is it now safe to upgrade to os5?

Some months ago i bought a 2 drives WD NAS at first startup i got a prompt to upgrade to OS5, did it and the (almost empty) drives started working nonstop for days, after 3 days i didn’t want it to kill my drives, i turned it off and returned it to buy another brand.

Now the big question: I have a EX4100 in my office, it’s used to pull videos for editing stations, since my past experience i avoided the upgrade for this unit but know i must upgrade if i want to access the data from home; did they resolve this issue? Can i upgrade without the indexing killing my productivity for days? If not how much time should i consider before it stops indexing with about 4tb of videos and photos currently on the NAS?

Not yet. Wd needs more time to fine tune.

This is absurd… The fine tune should be done BEFORE releasing, not after… Now I have a NAS that have less functionality than when I bought it and I can’t do anything about it other than sell and Chang brand. They cut off the old firmware from the remote access before fixing the disaster of the new firmware release… I really can’t understand how it’s possible to take this decisions.

It is fine tuned.

This is the best they can do. -or- they see nothing wrong with the way it behaves.

Have they cut off the OS3 app yet? I have not used it for months so I don’t know.
The OS5 app was an abomination so I stopped using that as well. (ultimately, the OS5 NAS has been completely down for several months)

I access my system remotely via a VPN link to my home network. From there, I use file explorer to access files.

Unless OS3 is discontinued (or something critical like app/web access for OS3 is stopped), please do not install OS5. Scan the OS5 page and you’ll notice how many issues people have had. Several issues (like hard disks randomly waking up) have been there from Day1 and several people have either moved away from WD or relegated WD NAS to backup/storage duty only. Things seem to quiet down because folks have given up, pace of bringing OS5 functionality/stability to OS3 levels is progressing slower than expected in my opinion.

Yep i asked because i saw that i can’t access my os3 nas from the internet, it says i need to update the firmware… i guess i’ll migrate to another brand… still i can’t imagine how it’s possible that a company thinks it’s a good idea to release something that cripples all it’s products