Is it a good idea now to upgrade to My Cloud OS5?

I’ve seen so many negative comments about My Cloud OS5 that I have been putting off upgrading my PR4100. Now I’m receiving emails from the My Cloud Team that support for OS3 will cease on January 15 2020 and that I must upgrade to continue to access my device remotely, I don’t know what impact that will have on running Plex but it doesn’t sound promising.

So is the consensus that OS5 is now completely fine to upgrade to, and all the issues that have been raised have more or less been addressed, or should I still hold out because of continuous issues ?

Wow…Just out of interest, do the My Cloud Team appear to be actively trying to fix these known issues with updates or is the whole this literally a hot mess?

Would it be a seamless transition to migrate my movie libraries over to Synology from Western Digital with minimal disruption to those accessing Plex over the internet ? Or would I need to go through the setup process again for each person?

I replaced all of my OS5-incompatible MyCloud devices (1 MyCloud, 1 MyCloud Mirror and two MyCloud EX2s) to synologys. Much better NAS. However, I upgraded my two OS5-compatible devices (MyCloud Gen 2s) to OS5 and after a couple of initial hiccups, they seem to be working OK.

I did not get to use the OS3. I started with the PR4100 just a couple of months ago. The system came with OS5. I have found the system to operate as expected. The system does seem a little mickey mouse but it does save files and deliver content to the internet.

Sorry I am not able to say whether OS5 is better or worse then OS3. I can say that OS5 has operated as I would expect a RAID 5 NAS to operate. Good Luck!

I happen to also be interested in this topic!

My background is the same, but with the EX4100 which still has OS3 on it. Had a lot of work with it to eliminate unnecessary behavior and “awakenings” which it shouldn’t be doing. (once every 30 min or so). But now, it’s in control at least, and works … let’s say “well”. Awakens now when I’m actually using it. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed for such a “grand” NAS/cloud unit.

  • Is OS5 better?
  • As previously stated, is it safe to upgrade at this point?
  • Is it still possible to keep waiting with the upgrade, after 15 jan 2022. (To continue evaluate and determine for a while)

I find the differences between OS3 and OS5 to be; on the one hand giving/adding more features but on the other hand taking away/removing features at the same time. Don’t know how I feel about the upgrade to be honest.

I’ve heard this story repeating itself. Many who were disappointed with WD cloud units almost desperately ran and bought a synology NAS. According to many, they seem to be (working) better - however, still not perfect either.

You seem to have had a couple of the cloud units. Which is your experience?

  • Which do you prefer of the 2 brands?
  • Do you experience synology to be working better?

I think, on balance, I prefer the Synology. I’m not a networking expert, so the Synology is a little more complicated - the My Cloud was pretty simple. But their cutting off customers is something Synology hasn’t done for at least 12 years, so I wouldn’t buy another WD - don’t trust the company any more.