Holding off upgrade to OS5

Hi all,
I have a PR2100 and noticed a while ago there was an option to upgrade to OS5.
I have noticed that on this forum there isn’t much love for the upgrade process or, for that matter, the new OS.
What’s the general consensus? Upgrade or wait for a bit longer?
OS3 works very well for my purposes, mainly media streaming and some photo storage. Unless there is a distinct benefit to upgrade am I better off working with OS3 and waiting until OS5 is more developed? Or has the latest OS5 version solved some of the issues I have seen reported?
Looking forward to your practical experiences,

Then don’t do the upgrade to OS5!
Before you upgrade consider to switch to Synology.


If you potentially want your drives to get hammered depending on how much media you have on it. Don’t upgrade.

If you have raid 1 & have a reasonable amount of space left & use your os 3 mobile app definitely don’t upgrade. As with the new app/cloud service it takes double the space of your drives as you are on raid 1 to index/thumbnail everything that is if you have a lot of media etc. You won’t get this space back unless your quite techy & even then it’s not a guarantee.


I took one look at the missing functionality on OS5 and decided to stay on 3. Do not understand how WD have decided that they aren’t going to have any unhappy customers.

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