IPv6 Router - Can't open ports


Due to my IPv6 router, my internet provider told me that forwarding ports and creating VPN tunnels (like DYNDNS) aren’t possible for me yet. Some external firms can create a IPv4 link from a IPv6 tunnel, but this service is charged.

Can anybody suggest me a free solution for my MyBookLive to allow remote access from a computer without port forwarding?

I already tried these solutions:
- FTP distant access, but I can’t forward port 21

  • Installing OwnCloud server, but ports 80 and 443 must be forwarded

  • Going on wd2go.com, but it doesn’t work (infinite loading)

Thanks in advance!

Hi jewe6889, unfortunately IPv6 is not supported on the My Book Live, you might be interested in the EX2 or EX4. See below for more information. 


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And what about the WD_MyCloud? Do you know if IPv6 is supported?