Need some support for outside access on MyBook Live

Hi All,
I have a question:

  • I have configured a dyndns Service.
  • now I can see the “router” with the dyndns.
  • but I want to access the mybooklive with a different local IP

What do I have to configure (using a dlink 501 router)

Hello, how is it that you want to access the drive? If you are talking about the UI I do not think is possible, however if you are talking about connecting to shares, you might need to find and forward the ports that Windows use for this.

Thanks for answering!

I have installed an owncloud: http://mybooklive/owncloud

But what do I have to do, that I can access this from the outside?

Hi, unfortunately I have no used owncloud, however there are a few threads in the My Cloud board that might assist you, I would recommend you to go and take a look and see.

In your router you need to forward ports 80 and 443 to the internal IP of the Mybook live.