iPhone/iPad advice and suggestions please!

Hi, quite simply I’m looking for a device that automatically wirelessly backs up photos and videos from my iPhone and iPad. What WD product can do this and if there’s more than one what’s the best one? Appreciate any help!

My Cloud Mobile App has an AutoBackup feature which will allow you to take a backup of photos and videos on iPhone devices automatically. My Cloud Mobile App is supported by all My Cloud devices.

However, My Cloud Home Mobile App has also Auto backup feature but is a different device than My Cloud devices. Both mobile apps have same features but with different device.

All true. The My Cloud Home is a newer device (not an upgrade of the My Cloud) The HOME device has its own version of My Cloud app and must be used with the Home device. ALL OTHER (non-Home) cloud devices from WD must use the other, My Cloud app. Got it?

Just be aware that the camera capture settings have to be “most compatible” so the photos are in jpeg format. The HEIC format is not (yet???) supported.

This Format setting is only available for the iPhone, but not the iPad.