Installing Apps


today i installed my MyCloud 3TB. I have tried to install apps to my cloud, but the “Add App” Button is not available on my Dashboard (see Screenshot). What is wrong?

You can not install apps on a single bay MyCloud. You can, however, install apps posted by our members but that will void your warranty.

Do you have a single bay MyCloud?

Thx for your answer… yes i have a single bay my cloud :frowning:

This is very strange to know that on Single bay we can’t install apps, How will I scan data of My cloud if I can not install Antivirus Essential App ? Any advise ?

Use the forum search feature to find past discussion on how to add additional apps to the second gen v2.x version single bay My Cloud units. It involves using SSH to modify the My Cloud firmware. For the first gen v4.x My Cloud units there are a number of mods/apps one can install, again using SSH. None of these apps/mods are supported by WD and installing them may void the My Cloud warranty.

The reason why the single bay/single drive My Cloud units don’t have the Apps tab enabled to allow for additional apps to be installed is money. WD has decided to use the ability to install apps as a marketing feature to sell the multi bay/drive units.

There are other past discussions.

Run an AV tool on a computer that has the MyCloud mapped as a drive. i.e. how you’d run AV on any HDD connected to a computer.

Thanks for reply and advise, But i did not mapped the mycloud drives to windows and I think should not, because with If i map the shares as drive in windows, I think it will become more vulnerable to virus. What you say ?

Yes and no.

How are you using this NAS? Or rather, what are you connecting to it with?
If you are using linux based devices to communicate with the NAS, you could mount it over NFS and hit it with clamwin or something.

With the first generation (white) My Cloud units now, since 2022 (?), having disabled internet access, how to install the mod and the apps from local resource?

My prior post explained how to do so. You would follow the mod’s or app’s directions and use SSH to access the My Cloud (after enabling SSH in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section) and install the mod or app files.

Keep in mind that due to the age of the first gen single bay OS3 My Cloud. most of the mods are no longer being kept up to date by their respective developers. They may or may not work and one may not get any help if the mod or app fails to work or install properly.

There is an old repository of some of the first generation single bay My Cloud mod files here: