Install Kodi on My Cloud EX4100

For some reason, WD OS5 on my My Cloud EX4100 will not properly display mp4 movie titles. All it shows is either stereo.mp4 or mono.mp4, even tho’ support says mp4 files are supported. Although PLEX will show full titles, it doesn’t want to load. So, can KODI be installed onto a EX4100? If so, how?
Thank you.

Hi @GleasonFan,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Tried that. WD does not support the installation or functioning of any third party software, or so I was told by WD Support.

Anyone got a thought.

Kodi and Plex are not the same.

Kodi is installed on a devices with HDMI Ouput or Displays (PC’s, Media Players) … and is primarily Client Software unlike Plex which is primarily Server Software.

Short Answer … No