Kodi on PR2100?

Hi all,

Someone have manage to install kodi on PR2100?

  • Plex work good, but the issue is Plex runs in the background all the time! creating logs, they collecting data etc. no option to solve this issue.
  • Emby works better! but remote client isn’t free :frowning:

I’m trying to find a free solution. Kodi exist for a long time, I wondered if I can use it on my PR2100 without mods (ubuntu etc.)


Kodi is designed for use with devices that have a video output (HDMI) eg. PC’s, Media Players (Android) , SBC’s (Single Board Computers) aka Raspberry Pi, O-Driod etc

The PR2100 has no video output or HDMI.

Sorry I forgot that. I was focus to much to solve Plex issues :frowning:

Thanks anyway