Initial Setup

Hi, as with most users on here, I’m new to using MBL, I ve managed to get the computer (running windows 7)  to recognize the network drive, but im unable to get through the initial setup to name my personal cloud. In the setup it says plug in the MBL to your router and add power source then press next, which I do, it then says wait a few seconds while we check everything is working correctly, it gets two thirds through the bar, and then it goes back to select your My Book Live, ive done everything from turning off my firewall and running diagnostic used by WD, but it wont go any further than that. I would be grateful for any assistance in getting past the setup stage


Hello and welcome, 

You can follow the steps from the following links to map your My Book Live manually and to setup your WD2go account for remote access. 

Mapping a drive letter on a WD Network hard drive using WD Link

How to use a My Book Live running Software Release 2.0+ with WD 2go for the first time