Info Not Adding Thumbs Anymore...any SOLUTION?

Hallo from Greece.

I am able to get the content info - but the thumbs and images are all blank.
It is like they arent downloading.
Anyone have any ideas on why this changed?
I tried a factory reset thinking it was an issue with the firmware or something.
That lead me down a rabbit hole of firmware issues - the one with the network cable.

(I copy the same subject from (voodoo_ca) because i can’t speak english very well…)



Because API keys for sites that the Live Hub scrapes info and pictures from change.

If the Live Hub’s scrapers for TMDB and TVDB are not updated (which can only be done via a Firmware Update that WD provide) then the scrapers will be broken.

The only SOLUTION is to manually download or create thumbnails yourself and name them either .jpg or .metathumb

The WDTV Live Hub is 12 Years old … as time moves on, more and more features will stop working properly.

Do you know how i create myself thumbs?