Thumbnail problems

Since the latest update I am having a problem viewing some thumbs. I am using tinwarbes boxart and his anodized trickle. Most of them are ok but abou 30% has just a thumb with no boxart the strange thing is some of them are very low quality, however in the gallery view it will show the thumb with the boxart in the left upper when that thumb is highlighted . I read an earlier post and a guy suggested to turn media library off then clear it and then recompile I have did that still the same.

I have also tried moving all the thumbs off my hard drive booting up the hub and letting it compile where no thumbs are showing then reinstalling them back on the drive no luck still the same issue except a few I lose all together no thumbs at all.

The only solution I have done is to regenerate them with thumbgen but this is alot of work was hoping for a solution. If I view them off my hardrive on my computer it shows them with the boxart. So I do not know where the hub is getting these thumbs Iv’e tried erasing all the thumb folders in all my drives and the drive on the hub too. Hopefully someone has a solution before I have to go through them and regenerate. any help is apreciated.

Other than that this seems to be the best firmware to date for my problems the playlist appears to work through all my movies with no restarting and even my iso playback seems to work and not freeze my unit when in gallery view it does seem like the upgrade was like they halfway went to a folder view when in library mode and it does run a bit slower pulling up thumbs

See this thread:

I only did a handful of the pngs to jpgs and you are right those do no display at all. It’s the ones that do show that has me wondering and on one specific title for your information this may help is a horrible resolution but when I highlight it the one in the left middle that one shows your boxart and the resolution is fine and it is a bigger pic than the thumb.

So if it a size problem why am I able to regenerate them and they work fine. When I regenerate I use the same thumb I used and they work. Hope this information helps.

Plus it seems it works similar now to the folder view mode to me. I won’t rollback because it is only about 150 titles of 900 and my isos work fine now and playlist which was a biggie for me