Incremental Backup is working like differential Backup

So i just bought My Cloud Mirror and did setup some internal backups.

Fullbackup is working but incremental backup is no incremental backup.

It’s a differential backup. I couldn’t beleave it first, but i tried several times. It really is.

And that’s a real shame, because it takes way more space than incremental backup.

Is this a Bug in the description or does have WD another definition of incremental backup?


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The incremental backup, overwrites files with source files that are newer then the target files and add the new files to the backup.

You are right ERmorel, that is what a incremental backup is supposed to do.

But my problem is, that My Cloud Mirror isn’t doing it like that.

It does a backup like a differential backup. It saves everytime all the new data since the initial backup. 


Wondering if this issue ever got resolved? Last week I set up an internal backup on my My Cloud Mirror in incremental mode, set to run everyday. Looked at the backup files destination today, sure enough there is a folder for each day it backed up, but each folder contains the entire 32MB of files! Shouldn’t the first folder contain the 32MB of files with only the changes saved in subsequent folders?

Clearly this isn’t operating on a incremental basis, is there a fix for this?

I’m interested in this as well. I just bought one. Haven’t set anything up yet, but I love the idea of full and incremental backups. Does this work now?

Hi, I did return my Cloud Mirror because I never did get an answer. I bought two external USB drives and got me a nice software for incremental backups. This is working real good and it’s much cheaper too.

After escalation in support it turns out this is a known issue but it is working as designed.

Although the incremental backup will eventually make 25 folders containing all the file names that were in the source folder at the time of the backup, it isn’t actually duplicating indentical files but making short-cuts to the actual file (even tough it doesn’t look like a short-cut through the window browser). It simply gives you a user friendly interface to find that file from up to 25 backups ago. The way to check this is through the My Cloud Mirror dashboard, selecting the share the back-up is in and seeing the usage amount, which should be a little over 1/25th of the final backup folder.

It does mean you are not getting up to 25 versions of every file, but only 25 backup events. For instance if you were working on a file over a long period of time and then stopped working on it, meanwhile your incremental backup happens 25 times, you would no longer have any versions other than the latest version in your backup destination.

It is a shame that the user manual doesn’t explain how it works.

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