Multiple backup errors?

Don’t know if this makes any sense whatsoever but perhaps the techs at WD are reading.

My Cloud Mirror (not Gen 2) has been successfully performing two remote back-up since I first set up the units about a year ago. Recently I set up an internal backup incremental mode, this had been happening but not as I anticipated but that’s another topic: Incremental Backup is working like differential Backup

The issue here is without notification of any errors all my back-ups suddenly stopped working on the 25th July 2016, I didn’t discover until 2 weeks later as no red error light came on. I manually ran the smaller remote back-up and it worked. I manually run the larger remote back-up it failed (error code 1500). But they still wouldn’t run themselves at the schedule time.

I had noticed that the internal incremental backup had made 25 folders saving the complete source on each occasion. I decided to delete this back-up. The next day both remote back-ups worked perfectly – was it a coincidence or is there a bug in the firmware?

Hi, I have not seen this before, however was the drive close to finish to be full?

3.5TB of 4.0TB is free. Latest firmware 2.11.142 installed on both source and remote.

I have no idea on why this could be happening, you should contact support and see if they have any ideas.