Incorrect Aspect Ratio

I have encoded a video to 1440x856 with an aspect ratio of 2.25:1, for some reason the WDTV is not playing it in its correct ratio and is displaying it full screen instead (stretching the image).

I have played the same video on my pc and it plays in the correct aspect ratio, I have used anamorphic encoding on many files before and they all play fine except for this one? Any ideas why?

Hmmm.   Well, if it’s Anamorphic, shouldn’t the aspect ratio actually be 1:1?   

With a set aspect ratio of 2.25:1, the pixels should be indicated as “Square.”  In other words:  Pixel Aspect Ratio should be 1:1, and Display Aspect Ratio should be whatever.

In anamorphic encoding, the Pixel Aspect Ratio should be 2.25:1 and the Display Aspect Ratio should be the same.

I think.  :)

Can you post the full text output of Mediainfo for this file?