In which folder in MY PC, the Video`s are ? To watch via "my storage" App. - on the TV Play

I connected to my PC  - wired - ( windows  7)

find only 3 videos in the  “videos” file on the WD  TV play  screen

couldn’t find this file in my PC , via Windows explorer.

The only  place that I could find those 3 videos,

is when  I opened the  " Windows Media Player"

and I can see the in the  "Video movies screen "  over there

how can I add more video files to that screen,

 or to which folder ?

What about MKV files  - not supported ?   By the WD  TV play ?

Thank you for your help

Problem was that the files was .mkv   - not supported

mp4   + wmv   are working OK

MKVs are supported by the Play just fine – it’s probably your server that doesn’t support them.

Windows Media Player, for example, doesn’t support MKVs unless the MKV Codec Pack is installed.

You are correct,

if I connect the USB  external drive  to the WD TV play -  I can watch the MKV  file.

Just download -  “Media Player Codec Pack” tp my PC  ( win 7)

now the Win Media player -  allow to watch the MKV  file.

But still can’t find it when I search for video files in my computer,  via wired coonection,

“my storage” app.

I can see the MP3 files  & WMV

Edit: Please ingore, I forgot that the play can only use DLNA and not network shares. Luckily a good friend of the forum noticed before I spread too much dissinformation. :flushed:

You are connecting from you WD PLAY to a shared folder on your windows7 computer. The WD can only see files that are inside the shared folder. You need to figure need to either figure out which folder on the PC is shared and add your videos to it, or share another folder that already has the video files in it.

You can see what folders you are sharing in Windows7 by:

Right-click Computer > Manage > Expand Shared Folders in the left pane > Shares will show all folders that are being shared.

The ones with $ in front of them won’t be seen by your PLAY. They are generally for the system to use.

Good Luck


Now, after I download the media player codec pack.

I can play the MKV file  with the “windows media player”

but, when I try to send it to the  “WD  TV play”

with the  

 -  “Play to”   - I get  " failed… "

and from the  WD  TV  Play  -  all my movies App.   -  can’t see this file…

It is so Frustrating.