In need of some help

whats good. ok ive had my mybook wd external harddrive 1tb for about 3 years now. its worked excellent until a few days ago when it didnt want to turn on. i have no idea what happened. i tried plugging it into different outlets and different computers but it wont turn on. i even went to radioshack to see if a new power cord might fix it but still nothing. im clueless as to what to do since i have no experience in harddrives…if anyone could help or give me some info on what to do i would greatly appreciate it.

Hi, if you have already tried using another power/USB cable, then the my book might be faulty. You can try going to the disk management window to see if its recognized there.

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dam! it doesnt recognize anything cuz it wont turn on.!! it powered off normally as it did for the past 1000 days but out of no where it doesnt turn on…no blue light or anything

No luck then :confounded:. The power port on the case might be damaged or the internal hard drive stopped working.  If you need to recover your files you can try contacting a professional data recovery company.

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if the power port on the drive itself has stopped working is there anyway to replace it? is it possible? also u say the internal drive may have stopped working…what exactly is that…can that also be replaced? or do i have a better chance just recovering all the data

Inside the my book case you will see a normal 3.5 inch computer hard drive attached to a PCB board that has the power and USB ports. If you have one of the old My Book models that don’t support data encryption it might be possible to take it our of the box and connect it directly to the PC or just purchase a replacement board (this will void the warranty). Send a PM to  fzabkar to see if he can give you some advice on this thread, he knows a lot about hard drive repairs. If the data is important to you, try not connecting the hard drive again just in case, since that might damage it. 

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