If i delete photos from my phone, it also deletes from my cloud. Help!

With a normal cloud once my photos from my phone are uploaded, i can delete the photos on my phone and they will stay saved in the cloud. BUT with my cloud home when i delete a photo from my phone it deletes from my cloud too-like a mirror. How do i fix this?! It brings up a warning msg to say that if i delete it from phone any synced devices it will delete out of too. It will go into a folder in my cloud for 30 days and then completely delete

interesting, because mine doesn’t. and I actually want it to delete.

Whenever I delete a useless picture, I have to go to my cloud home and remove from there also.

So whatever you did, please let me know :slight_smile:

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@Top81 The My Cloud Home mobile app does not support “Sync” and does not delete content from the MCH.
Are you using some type of sync service with your mobile phone like Google Drive, etc… Perhaps there’s some back end sync connection of something of the sort.

Wonder if they’re confusing MCH with iCloud…? I’d really prefer this behaviour with iCloud so that I don’t have to deal with my less-than-savvy parents deleting photos from their devices (early 2012 MBP and an iPad Air) and thinking they’re still there in their iCloud (they still don’t really believe me when I tell them that if they delete a photo from one device, it’s gone from all their devices - and their iCloud too). I really hate Apple’s default of automatically syncing every photo to every device; if I take a screenshot on my iPad it’s ostensibly as a means to explain some issue I’m having with an iPad app, I don’t want that screenshot taking up valuable space on my other devices. Apple thinks this USP is a good thing but, for the vast majority of people, it really isn’t, it’s just fecking annoying (as is the fact you can only COPY photos to albums, not move - who keeps multiple copies of the same photo in multiple physical albums…?!).

Sorry for the off-topic rant, but I’ve been trying to get shot of all the rubbish in my Photos app all day and it just keeps coming back, because it’s still on my iPads. I don’t have a very large hard disc in this MBP and Photos just seems to keep expanding exponentially! AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Did you manage to solve your problem?