Idle Ticking Sound WD 8TB RED NAS : Still no solution?


Once i’m focussed on the noise every 5 sec, i’m getting irritaded, especialy when i try to sleep.
I’m not putting my pc off because i have security cams recording on an other drive (WD Green),
the sound is comming from the RED ones and are not being used at night but still you can hear the idle repeating sound and it drive me nuts.
Is there a fix to for this already or not?
Or something to make your HDD sleep idk?


What NAS are they installed in? I have eight 8TB drives in several NASes and none exhibit that sound.


you must be lucky then , i see a lot of ppl complain about the same problem and not only on the WD Red ones, i stayed awake this night again lol but it more like every 1 a 2 sec, like the needle is reading/writing something then stop, and then do it again in a constant loop.
It’s not in a NAS Setup, it’s in a regular pc.
I can maybe think of 1 or several things that could cause it :
Anti malware
Those softwares scan sometimes by itself without the owner asking for it, i think it’s called passive protection or something.
Now if if my theory is correct, idk if it’s even safe to try and put the auto scans off and idk if you even can do that.
I’m using Avast and i noticed sometimes it was filling my main SSD by itself doing silent background scans, and when i disabled the shields for 10 min, the used scan space usualy get restored because i think the scan is aborted in some way.
Im talking about 20+ GB space that could eat my 256 gb ssd, so sometimes when i opened the computer, i noticed that blue bar becoming red, that’s when i knew avast is doing something without me starting scans manualy, it actualy showed up when i analysed the drive with defraggler that avast was using a lot of space.

Hope this info helps & sry for my bad English.