I would love to see a DTS mixdown to stero 2channel

does anyone know if you can mixdown a DTS encoded movie to  2 channel stereo ,thanks

At WD TV models WDAVN00, WDAVP00 is not possible. At WD TV models WDBABF0000NBK, WDBABG0000NBK (aka Generation2) is possible.

I have the same problem, too! Is it possible to have DTS support on next firmware update? Is there any other way to play dts audio on my wd tv?

I have WDAVP00. So you mean is limited by hardware?

Connect optical output to receiver with DTS support.

Perhaps this is due to the lack of licenses for DTS

Hi Igor, I tried it on my receiver still didn’t  work, must be a way to convert the MKV file but I hav`ent found it yet  wish I had bought the 2nd Gen. 

This little program is a good way to convert dts sound to ac3 so that it wlii play on first gen wdtv  use the link                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 http://www.videohelp.com/tools/MKV2AC3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It worked for me…                                                           

I solved the DTS problem by downmixing the video file to AC3.

Go here:


Get the EZmkvDTStoAC3 software.
Mind the snapshot in the link, you’ll need mkvtoolnix, eac3to and delaycut.
All those codecs/tools are available on the internet. Google them.

Good luck!