I still use my WDTV Live SMP almost every day!

I’ve had this baby since for over three years (maybe four) and it is the work horse of my entertainment center. I stream music from my Tversity media server most days, play HD movies off an attached HDD and even toggle over to the weather or Pandora apps from time to time.

Yes there are other threads talking about alternatives (I stared one a couple years ago) but this device is still the one to beat. It’s remote friendly and that means my wife will use it. It plays everything I throw at it. And so long as I avoid running Netflix or going into one of the “dead” apps I rarely even need to reboot it.

In short, I’m still a fan.

Agree, too bad WD has passed the playing of media files on to such a goofy outside source app as Plex and discontinued making WDTV hardware.

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Too true. I tinkered with Plex. Meh, it doesn’t give the flexibility I have working with my files directly. And Kodi, while robust, is far too complicated for my family to accept.
There is a lot of elegance in having a purpose-built device know not only how files are played but also how they’re stored and accessed.

Agree with you about Plex and Kodi. The only thing I like about Plex is I can play my mp4 files via the app from my NAS locally or remotely through a browser.

As for Kodi, there is another version of it in an app for Amazon Fire TVs. It is called MrMC, was created by one of the Kodi programmers, with a simplified install and operation. Just recently MrMC has a completely new GUI that is even easier to use. If you have a Fire TV give it a try. I have a TV in guest room with it installed since WDTVs are not sold anymore.