WD TV Live on the way out



My WD TV Live Streaming Media Player seems to be on its way out. I liked the simplicity of it and that I could use it as a media server. I am wondering what device you guys would replace it with now that they are no longer made? All I really do is play .mp4s and .MKVs from an external drive. I like that it scans and downloads movie details automatically. It would be nice if the lag between controller and device is less. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



If you have an Amazon Fire TV search for it or the Mr.MC app in these forums that makes music and movies play like the WDTV. There are other solutions for more money, but this combo gets the job done well.


I replaced my WDTV’s years ago with a Raspberry Pi 2 (now have a 3 B+) with Kodi installed … plays everything up to 1080p perfectly and has been the most reliable media player i’ve ever owned.

Also have a Android S905X Amlogic Box with Kodi (SD Card Boot to LibreELEC distro) … plays 1080p and up to 4K / HEVC(H.264) / 10-Bit perfectly.

Both devices the Movie and TV Information provider scrapers all constantly updated and working and Media Server / File serving works fine on both devices.


I also have a Raspberry Pi 3B with Kodi installed. Works perfectly!!


What makes you suspect your WD TV Live is on the way out?
Mine was purchased in 2011 and only hassle I have had is the remote with the center button failing to respond regularly and even then waited to purchase a replacement (found on Ebay for 24 bucks an OEM remote) and of course having to roll back my firmware when memory bleed became a problem. So tell us your suspicions