Goodbye WDTV Live and friends

Take care everyone, I am done fighting this device. I’ve been trying a Roku for about 2 weeks now. My viewing experience is once again enjoyable.

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Sorry you had a bad experience with a WDTV. I have both a WDTVs and Rokus in my house, and they are quite different kinds of devices, and I am pleased with the performance of both, although I admit, setting up and using a Roku is easier than a WDTV.

do the roku play mlv’s from a n a s drive ok like the wdmycloud ?.

I have also been struggling with 3rd and 4th gen. It seems that instead of making the product better, WD makes it worse.

I have a WDTV Live HD Media Player from 2010 that is playing everything, does not freeze and so reliable. Oh, and I can see the name (language) of the audio tracks when I switch them.

3rd and 4th gen players seem like a joke.

I am judging only the ability to play mkvs.