Ok So I have an IPad that I would like to connect to a WD MyCloud. The problem is that I have no internet on my wifi network. I can access Mycloud from my Laptop but I can’t access it via IPAD.

If your iPad is connected to the same WiFi network that the My Cloud is connected to, the iPad should be able to access the My Cloud using the WD My Cloud app for iOS.

Edit: One should also be able to use any File Manager app on their mobile device that supports accessing network devices. On my Android devices I use ES File Explorer for Android. There are similar file manager apps for iPhone/iPad devices like FileExplorer Free.

I have the app and I can see the Hard drive in the list of available devices, but when i click on the drive I get the error message “Invalid Operation” “A file already exists at this location, or an invalid operation was attempted”

Are you able to connect the iPad to your home network? That’s what you need to do, and if you can’t ,do you get any error messages on iPad that it cannot connect?

Once you are on your home network, you need to have installed the My Cloud APP on iPad to access the My Cloud device with the iPad.

I have the app on the I pad. I can connect to my home network. I Am able to see the device is listed. but when I try to access it I get that error message

I got it for some reason that ap just doesn’t work. I had to access it via file explorer thanks Bennor

Advise you uninstall and reinstall the My Cloud app. Sometimes apps need a reinstall. A new version just appeared this week and I got the update installed today.