I need help with my WD Cloud

Okay I have no idea how to explain this but i’ll do my best

i have a WD My Cloud 2 TB thing. A year old it won’t upload ANY file I try. I’ve tried music, photos, ANYTHING. Anything I try it comes back with that error code “Error 0x8007003b - an unexpected network error occurred”

I’ve rebooted the Cloud thing, I’ve tried changing the settings and I’ve tried taking down my firewall on my computer and only 1 file uploaded and it took about 10 minutes for it to do so. It was working before but now it doesn’t work at all and I NEED this to work! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Have you tried a 40 second reset?


How is your local network setup? What is the My Cloud connected to? How is the local PC connected? WiFi, wired Ethernet? Have you made any setting changes to the computer or local network recently? Have you tried a different computer/device to see if it also has the same problem? Have you tried putting a switch/hub in between the My Cloud and the router?

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Hi I am First Level Support at Western Digital. The previous reply are all correct steps to try and eliminate the issue. Can I suggest the following. Begin with the basics. Reset your MyCloud to factory default with 40 sec reset. That is done by inserting a paper clip or similar into the small hole on the back of the device and while holding it depressed apply power to the device whilst keeping that reset button depressed for the 40+ seconds.
After that I would power down/up your router and once you have internet connectivity (google something) you then attach your MyCloud directly to the router. The LED on the mycloud should show a sold blue or white light when its ready for action.
To eliminate connectivity issues with the WD MyCloud Server I suggest you map your MyCloud following this KB: http://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?h=p1&ID=2676&lang=en&p=904
If that is successful your mycloud device is now available as a networked attached drive and you can now try to just drag and drop files into it>success?.
If yes and its only not possible remotely or via the dashboard thats a different issue. In that case you must first get as far as being able to open the dashboard via mycloud.com or entering the I.P. of your mycloud device straight into a browser session>success?. If yes so far so good. If not your maybe looking at restrictions put in place by the Internet Provider and/or provider of your router that has ports used by WD communication blocked.

whoa!! hello @MCKAYUK first level support!!

Although I think you are little bit late in your support efforts like about 4 months later. Good thing he wasn’t waiting on the phone eh?

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I’m sure @Bennor, the 0.5 level support, on this forum would really appreciate your help.

Former Customer Tech support helper.


It’s good, isn’t it; four months late, replying to something that’s already been solved…

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As the saying goes, “Better late than Never” … lmao :slight_smile:

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LOL - just joined the WD Community - finding my way around.
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If you really are WD Staff, then maybe you could get one of your colleagues to show you around.

And maybe, between you, you could come up with a sensible strategy for how to deal with customer enquiries via this ‘community’. Rather than just picking threads at random.

But welcome to the forum. The more WD Staff presence here, the better. Maybe have a word with one of the moderators to add a ‘WD Staff’ notifier to your forum ID, as other staff are so indicated.

Hi and thanks for the welcome. I am 1st Level German & English language Telephone and Email support in the European center of operations. Although I would hope to have perhaps a better understanding of the products, I see everyone in the community has the same access as I do to the WD support Knowledge Base which should provide most 1st time product users basic to advanced use of their product. Of course I have training on most and access to restricted areas which cant obviously be shared, but these are not secrets WD wishes to keep but rather additional hints/tips/information/explanation that can assist us troublshooting certain issues because the Computers, Operating Systems, Routers, Service providers that consumers use in conjunction with our products seldom remain stationary and I dont know if its widely known but with any Cloud or NAS product, the country you live in, the internet provider you have, the router and how its been configured, which ports are open or closed by default, is often country and company oriantated and can be the reason why some consumers experiance issues that another may not have. I havent had time to investigate how this additional community help site is managed, but I guess no one with a possible sollution to a specific issue or product will be wanting to type up the same for individual members repeatedly. I am therefore assuming the assistance offered is by product?. Anyway, goota go, early shift tomorrow. kindest regards G.

I’ve been a moderator before and usually there is a trouble-maker list in the restricted areas that most likely contains user names like @cpt_paranoia, @SectorGZ, @rac8006 and @Ralphael.

It sounds as if your involvement here is ‘freelance’. Be careful. You may find your employer isn’t happy with non-sanctioned interaction with customers.

I reported the Firmware 4.05.00-315 announcement post as spam. Can I get on that list?

Naw this is merely a Technical Knowledge Base

I am surprised actually, that this community site is not more heavily monitored/moderated.

Some of the things we bounce off of each other in here are probably not things WD Corporate would feel comfortable being discussed openly. (Things like how to turn on hidden/disabled functionality, and the like), and even possibly dangerous actions, like directly mucking with file permissions and ownerships to fix problems caused by the many disparate methods of putting data onto these devices.

I used to work 1st level support for NetApp some time ago, and I know they would have gone ballistic at some of these customer support scenarios we are solving for free in here.

Wow I return to my account because I finally checked my email and WHOOO BOY LOTS OF REPLIES!!! And angry / confused ones at that.

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