Error 0x8007003B​: An unexpected network error occurred


I recently bought a new laptop and when tying to transfer files from new laptop (Windows 8) to My Cloud Mirror I get the error message

Error 0x8007003B​: An unexpected network error occurred


In addition it shows that availability is offline.

I have tried to restart the My Cloud Mirror device but after 30 mins I still get the message System is booting up when I try and go to the dashboard.

I had seen some posts regaring changing sleep time and was unsure where to change this which i why am trying to get into the Dashboard bot not having any luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Does the same thing happen to you on other computer ? Follow this link and check if the information there can help you out with your issue. Hope this helps you out:


I am a Windows 7 Ultimate user and I have bought a My Cloud Mirror as I want to backup to a network location. 

I used to backup regularly to a separate drive on my PC but suffered a severe attack which encrpted all my files and my back up files too!  My precautions did not protect me

So I thought backing up to a network location would be more secure.  However, when I backup to My Cloud Mirror the process never completes, error message 0x81000037 being reported as the reason. 

Does anyone know how to backup to a network location?  I have followed the articles in the Knowledge Base but with no success.

Please advise 

What software are you using to do the back-up? And is it only the Win7 Ultimate PC that you are backing up?