I just wanna copy some files to my new laptop

Hi All,

I have a veryvery simple task to solve: I backed up some files from my old laptop to the WD external drive.

I bought a new laptop. I plug in the WD external drive and all i expect is to MOVE those backed up files to the new laptop. This is a VERY easy problem, totally simple and VERY straightforward.

However, it seems as if WD manages to make this a VERY complex task. I need to download a software first (fine, I can live with this). When opening this super software, there are home, backup and retrieve etc. tabs. Well, as I want to RETRIEVE files from my external WD drive, I strongly assume that the RETRIEVE tab would be the right one. However, this does not seem to be the case. I think somehow I need to go via the home tab, but it’s simply not logical as there are only “backup” functions.

Again: I simply want to move some files from my WD external drive. It’s veryvery easy…


You are using WD Smartware for back up. A simple Drag and Drop would have worked better.

To reach the files using windows open the external drive and click on WD smartware.swstor (or similar). Drill your way in until you see History and Volume{…} folders. Your files should be in the Volume folder, not History.

Now, isn’t that veryvery easy?? Even I figured it out!


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where is the answer to this question?

it would be easy, but unfortunately, i do not have anything like that. no file that even slightly resembles something like smartware or swstor or anything.

when i access the wd drive via windows file explorer, I see: extras, locale, autorun, wd drive unlock.
i can unlock the drive (i.e. enter my password), but then again, under the two folders “extras” and “locale” is nothing in as you describe. also clicking through it, there is nothing there…

i would appreciate any further hints… it really ■■■■■… thanks a lot.

Hi Phil,

The “extras, locale< etc.” are on a special CD drive, not the main external drive!

Look for a different drive, not “C:”, but maybe with “WD”. When you select it you should find the WD Smartware.swstor file. If not there then try any other drive.

If you still don’t find the drive, do you know how to use “Snipping Tool”? It is available under Windows Accessories on the Start menu. You can make a copy of the File Explorer
window and include it in your reply. Then maybe I’ll be able to identify the drive.

Well, we are working on it! Cliff

Yes, I know the issue now: as the external drive was locked, i had to unlock it through this special CD drive (wd drive unlock). Without being unlocked it doesn’t show. afterwards i can see the file as mentioned and i can see my backups. Cool, thanks.

maybe as a short side question: how can i put files like this on the external drive? same procedure (i.e. just going through WD smartware.swstor)?

I always did this through the software…


I’m not sure what file you want to backup. But if you put the file into
a location that is included in your regular backups, then it should be
included on the next one.


Download Acronis Disk cloner for wd drives This will clone c: to c: on new laptop