Retrieve files from old HD to new computer

My old computer cannot be accessed probably because of faulty motherboard . I want to get files from its HD into a new computer that contains my WD backup program.  How can I use the WD Backup program to do this?

I have the old drive out and. connected to the new computer through a SATA wire to USB. For the backup I essentially want the old drive to be the Source and add its files to the appropriate  music ,documents,etc folders on the new computer’s C drive.

I can select the external hard drive as the Source with the Backup selector but it appears the Target source selector has to be an external device like the WD external drive i use for backup storage while I want the data to go to the Cdrive on my new computer.

Can the backup program be used for this retrieval purpose or is there an easier way?


You will need to use the same software that you used to backup your data in order for you to retrieve your files.

Were you using the WD Smartware backup software? If yes, please see the following link for assitance.

When i use this great link to access backed up files in my MyBook Essential hard drive, the backed up files and folders show their file names but there is no content. Their size is 0Kb.

I had stored the data from a a Toshiba laptop and I am trying to access them to retrieve to a new Lenovo laptop.

Could anyone help please?

Cam Opie