Basic info on retrieving files

Had to download WD Smartware software on Win8 laptop after WinXP desktop went out.  Now I’m trying to retrieve certain files (photos, music, video) onto laptop.  Getting a message about overwriting a file in order to retrieve and I’m nervous about it cause I don’t want to lose my files permanently by doing the wrong thing.  Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to do to retrieve these files to my laptop with no problems and no worries?  Thanks so much!


I recommend that you go into the external drive and retrieve your files manually.

If you go to the external drive you should find a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”. In here you will find all the backed up files and you just have to copy or move then into your computer.

Thanks for answering my question.  Don’t mean to sound dumb, but where do I go to find the swstor file?  I did retrieve files to the Retrieved Contents folder on my C: drive but it doesn’t show anything.  Nothing.  Am I making this harder than it really is?  Thanks.